What is Integrative Psychotherapy

What is Integrative Psychotherapy Psychotherapy Manchester Psychotherapist

Integrative psychotherapy is a combination of a variety of treatments that are used to help patients achieve a higher level of personal growth and self-awareness.

This type of therapy takes all human functions into account to administer a very effective treatment to a variety of disorders (such as drug/alcohol abuse, phobias, poor self-image and eating disorders).Some psychotherapists use a blend of techniques to treat clients, such a combination of behavioural, cognitive and physiological treatments, to heightened awareness and bring about a new perspective of learning.

Therapist that practice integrative psychotherapy do not believe in one truth, they glean from a variety of different schools of thought (and proven methods) to maximize the potential help for a particular individual.Different people require a different therapeutical approach at different stages of their treatment. When therapy treatment is tailored to an individual’s needs, the effectiveness of overall treatment is enhanced.

A trained and skilled therapist will view the entire picture and weave together an effective treatment to meet the individual needs of their patients.The ultimate goal of integrative psychotherapy is to maximize an individual’s personal potential of positive thinking and to remove outside constraints (interferences) that usually limit mental growth.