Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy Psychotherapy Manchester Psychotherapist

Solution Focused/Outcom orien Psychotherapy is based on the works of Milton Erickson, William O’Hanlon and Steve de Shazer.

One of the key philosophical positions of this model is that the client has all the necessary resources that he/she needs in order to assist their clients to reach some kind of therapeutic resolution. In order to achieve resolution, the therapist and client focus on the solution to the issue rather than the pathology of the issue itself.

What is Solution-Focused Practice? (Taken from the UK Association for Solution Focused Practice)

Solution-Focused (SF) Practice is the practical application of SF principles, which can be defined as:-

The establishment of what a “preferred future” might be·
The identification of ways in which this is already happening
(Agreed with Steve de Shazer May 2004)

The work I do is also considered Outcome Oriented. According to the UKCP Outcome Oriented Psychotherapy can be defined as:

”Outcome oriented psychotherapies recognise that clients seek therapy in order to gain beneficial change. Therapist and client work together to develop a shared understanding of what outcomes and values will best assist the client to move toward their better mental health and personal goals”

Mine is an integrative approach which incorporates whatever approach(es) deemed appropriate to help you actualise your potential.