Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Manchester

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Manchester Psychotherapy Manchester Psychotherapist

Brookhouse Psychotherapy Manchester is pleased to be able to provide Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy throughout the Greater Manchester Area

Most forms of psychotherapy involve the client becoming aware of their individual life situations, emotions, behaviours and beliefs and values. This investigation into what is particularly troubling to the client can be a very useful learning process. Mindfulness is the ability to notice at a conscious level what clients are thinking and feeling in the here and now, as it is happening. This skill can train a client to help lead to a way of being fully present in his or her own experience. This ability enables clients to be present within themselves in a different and more positive way. Clients become less afraid of emotions that have previously scared them, depression, anxiety, sadness and low self esteem are examples. These lead to being less afraid of the world them. Mindfulness gives clients access to a greater spectrum of experience by reducing the need to avoid and hide from a client’s mental and emotional life.

Within my practice, I engage many mindfulness based approaches to an integrative psychotherapeutic approach which will more often than not include hypnosis as a vehicle to deliver the psychotherapeutic service. These approaches very much lend themselves to a solution focused approach to therapeutic change which is the cornerstone of the work that I employ in my therapeutic work.